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Scott Gaczorek

Scott is a DJ based from Chicago with a passion for health and fitness. Combining music and fitness together, Scott aims to have people focus on their workouts instead of their phones by creating workout mixes specifically for high energy workouts. 

Scott was born and raised in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago and currently resides in Uptown. His passion for djing was inspired after his first massive music festival in 2011 at Electronic Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, NV. It was the first time in his life that he felt that music helped heal pains that no one saw but many felt. He decided to enroll at Scottsdale Community College to learn how to DJ from the first ever accredited DJing program. It was with his mentoring for Ramsey Higgins (Ruthless Ramsey) that he wanted to come back to Chicago and bring his good vibes with him and into the scene around.