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Rachel Duxler

Rachel Duxler is from Chicago. Her passion for fitness is being able to exercise without pain. She also loves cooking healthy which has led her to dropping 30lbs and keeping it off since 2012. She is a poler and also weight trains. Rachel also loves doing obstacle courses, rock climbing, and anything where she feels like she's getting a workout. 

She recently started a health coaching business where she teaches people how to find healthy cooking and fun exercise while incorporating it into their routine. Check it out Redefining All Diets! Her first experience with the EDM scene was when she went to Electric Forest in 2015 and has been in love ever since. Some of her favorite artists are Bassnectar (huge basshead), Odesza, Tycho, Flume, Illenium, Seven Lions, Griz, and Pretty Lights, just to name a few.