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Lupe Fuentes

House Music Icon, Techno DJ, Hip Hop Producer, In the Loop Record Label Owner, Radio Show Host syndicated in 40 countries around the globe, Fitness Enthusiast, Health Fanatic, Nature Devotee, Foodie, Dog Lover, Fashion Impresario, Social Media Guru, Spiritual Teacher- are just a few of the accolades associated with Lupe Fuentes. She likes to call herself a “Creative Entrepreneur” and “Motivationalista”.

As an empowered modern Latin Woman , Lupe is constantly creating, inventing, promoting, sharing and giving back . Whether speaking to dreamers at East Los Angeles University, moving people’s bodies on a crowded Ibiza style Dance floor, curating music for rooftop DTLA group workouts, or inspiring us to be the best version of ourselves- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Lupe Fuentes is the embodiment of today’s limitless empowered woman. Her style and content are extremely original. Her engagement with her audience is heartfelt and passionate! Her brand is 100% authentic! Her truth is undeniable. Lupe Fuentes believes that the more difficult our journey, the higher we can climb.

“I don’t just want to achieve the impossible, i want to inspire the world that they can too!”