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Moniker: ËMMË

Name: Emlyn Dodd

Location: Sydney, Australia

Team: Elysian Records

Sport: Future Bass Basketball

Motto: This is a selection of my favorite tunes is not only to hoop to but drive, chill, party and do laundry to. It gives you the perfect chill and catchy warm-up song: my new Elysian Records single ‘Good Love.' Then, this playlist moves slowly into banger territory, incorporating the trap/moombah/Jersey vibes of Dillon Francis, Jarina De Marco and Major Lazer. Finish your circa 30 minute workout with the full-blown, hectic mayhem of Skrillex’s "Humble" remix, LOUDPVCK and more Dillon Francis (cuz why not more Dillon Francis?).”

Accomplishments: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify