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New data from a study by DICE using fitbits suggests the average electronic music fan shuffles through nearly 5 kilometers per gig attended. That’s equivalent to over 3 miles! How does this happen? While at the show, think about the time spent standing, let alone moving around. This type of movement is like unstructured play time. Typically at a show, people love to dance in their own ways with different movement patterns. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. 

Different types of movements done at shows are jumping, shuffling, or even dropping down low like a squat. The possibilities are endless! Think about when kids at the park are running around endlessly up and down the playground, they are doing the same type of thing that adults do at a rave. It gets to be fun while breaking a sweat. 

If electronic dance music not your thing you can still go to other types of shows and burn calories. Grime attendees came in number 1 with 8km stepped and were followed by Pop (4.3 km), R’n’B (3 km), and Indie (1.8 kim) 

Graph Dictating Activity by Genre

Graph Dictating Activity by Genre

It is interesting to note EDM fans had the highest heart rates (121 BPM) making their events the most efficient form of exercise. However all of these are efficient ways to burn calories and are still better than sitting on the couch. As long as people decide to move their bodies, that’s the best way to promote long-term weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.

People are looking for a way to move their body that doesn’t feel like working out and that’s fun. Going to an electronic music show is a great way to fulfill that, making it surprising at how many calories can be burned by the time the show is over. Add raving to your routine and find a new way to get fit. 


Image Courtesy of Gee Unit