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Imagine if you could optimize training time, acquire skills faster or maximize performance all with the help of a device. It may sound extremely futuristic, but with the creation of halo neuroscience sport headphones, the future has arrived. 

These headphones have been worn by The Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Giants, US Ski Team, and US Navy Seals in order to train more efficiently. The way they work is by sending electrical signals to the brain's motor cortex - the part of the brain responsible for movement - thus strengthening existing connections between neurons and forming new functional pathways

This is extremely beneficial to an athlete's endurance as the human body has a limited amount of energy. Reducing the number of movements to achieve a result will conserve energy spent, making you progress quicker without fatiguing easily. For strength athletes this will allow them to contract more useful muscle fibers and relax opposing fibers, making them lift more. This is not a device limited only to athletes. Many musicians are noticing results as practice sessions have been made more efficient and techniques have been learned quicker. 

The Halo Sport Headphones are now available to everyone but will cost you $749. You can read more about this breakthrough product at Halo Neuroscience's website.

Watch the Science behind the Halo Sport below. 

H/T: Halo Neuroscience