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Have you heard this yet? Apparently sitting is as bad for you as smoking? It makes sense considering no other animal on the planet places itself behind a desk and sits all day. We are animals after all, and that for our best health, we would be running around in nature. Computer screens damage our eyes, typing on the computer gives us carpel tunnel syndrome and sitting all day compresses our organs and puts a lot of undue pressure on our backs. For the sake of our eyes, our backs and our healthy, Fibion, may have the solution. 

Have you heard about Fibion?

Fibion is a new fitness gadget that is meant for tracking, first and foremost, your sitting (also known as the “smoking of our generation”) habits and help you to move more and sit less.

I tried Fibion out a few weeks ago and really loved it. Sitting is something that even fitness professionals struggle with, especially nowadays when a big part of our work is done at the computer…

Fibion was born in Finland where I used to live for four years prior moving to the US. But that’s not the only thing I love about this fitness tracker

It’s super accurate, which is possible thanks to all the scientific analysis the guys behind it have done. I’m happy to having been able to test out the end product!

Combating Sitting, Our Biggest Enemy

The Fibion crew started developing this product many years ago, with the greatest goal being getting people off from chairs. That was back when the hazardous effects of sitting started to get more and more attention in scientific research.

The first test subjects who came to Fibion folks’ lab years ago were hooked up to big machines and put through many hours of scrutiny in order to collect the research data. Fast forward to today, a tiny device in your pocket tells you all you need to know about your daily sitting habits, and also gives you recommendations on how to change them.

This tiny gadget helps you to analyse your daily sitting habits and compare them to your daily activity levels.

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