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Eating is something we do all of our lives. Yet, with all the diets, obesity, philosophies, nutritionists, health coaches, etcetera, we still don't have it quite figured out? I was talking to a friend of mine today, who mentioned she was starting to measure out her food. She was shocked to find out what a 1/3 of a cup of granola was. "It's like 4 bites!" She exclaimed disappointedly. She isn't alone. 

The right food combination will help you on your quest to get fit and stay fit. Our bodies are like a chemistry set, and putting the right formula's together can really help. The right foods and portion control, something I am sure we're going to hear a lot about, can make all the difference in the world. Here's an article I hope will help you. After all, food is medicine. 

Wonder what to eat before and after exercise? 


Healthy Food

Want to have more energy and recover faster from training? If so, choose your snacks wisely. The right foods will fill you up and take your workout to a whole new level. They can also speed up recovery, promote muscle growth, and boost your performance.

Nutritional demands differ based on the type and duration of your workout as well as on your goals. An endurance athlete will require more carbs before and after exercise than a bodybuilder. Pre and post workout nutrition also depends on training volume and intensity. Someone who practices yoga needs fewer calories than a runner or a crossfitter.

How Important Is Pre-Workout Nutrition?

What you eat before exercise can make or break your progress. A balanced pre workout meal should include complex carbs and protein. Oatmeal, rice, berries, whole wheat crackers, and other high-carb foods provide steady energy and prevent insulin spikes. You also need protein to help your muscles grow and recover.

A healthy pre workout snack is all you need to perform at your best and enjoy a great workout. If you eat right, you’ll have more energy, run faster, and lift heavier. Pre-workout nutrition can boost your endurance and kick-start your metabolism. Certain foods may increase protein synthesis and accelerate fat loss.

Should You Eat after a Workout?

Many dieters skip their pre-workout meal to save calories. This is a big mistake. Intense training takes a toll on your body, causing stress. After a chall

enging workout, your body needs simple carbs and protein to repair damaged tissues. Carbs help replenish your glycogen stores, while protein aids in recovery.

Post workout nutrition has the role to prevent muscle loss, reduce protein breakdown, and stimulate protein synthesis. These factors combined speed up muscle repair and improve your overall performance. For best results, it’s recommended to eat within 40-60 minutes after training.

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