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In the world of fitness, sure, there are the superstars like Kayla Itsines, Christmas Abbott, Bob Harper, Tracey Anderson, Jillian Michaels, and much more. But unlike the exclusive club of pop or movie stardom, the fitness world may be a little less elusive. What makes that so? Not everyone can be a "pop star" or "super model," but certainly everyone can be fit. Not to discount at all the immense amount of hard work and sweat it takes to become a Fitness Guru. Not at all. But we also don't have to be at that level, to be in great shape. It's realistic that not everyone is going to achieve that level of recognition. But it's tangible and just as inspiring to see everyday people going after their dreams. Especially when you come across a handsome young man on Instagram, only 23 years old, in the fitness world for a short period with over 19,000 followers! Perhaps he will be the next big thing? We asked Frederik Beier what his secrets were and what music inspired his workouts.  

What How did you get into fitness?

Frederik Beier: Actually I tried fitness 2 times, sticking with it the second time. First time when I was 16 years old. I signed up for a gym membership and went there 2 times in 2 months, so I ended up canceling my membership. Then when I turned 18, I started training MMA where they had a weightlifting room, which I would go into after my weekly MMA training. After a few months, a local gym not that far away from my house opened. I signed up with a good friend and that is how it really started. We got a trainer to make a training program suited for our goals. We began educating ourselves on nutrition and training techniques, and slowly we began to see the changes and results in our bodies. We were hooked. Fitness slowly took over my focus from the MMA training, eventually going into only training fitness. Now a little over 4 years after, I’ve come a lot closer to my dream physique.

What motivates you to keep going?

Frederik Beier: In the start, trying out new supplements, new training programs, reading about nutrition and seeing the results on my body was my motivation. Seeing what you are able to do with your body is amazing, and how even minor changes have a huge impact.

 Later, after seeing how everything in my life suddenly became much easier, both physically and mentally, training gave me a strength I would have never believed possible! Keeping up the healthy lifestyle and training is, therefore, necessary for me, as it is an important part of my life and who I am as a person. Training is like therapy for me, a place where I can get away from everything and only focus on pushing my body to the maximum.

What would you recommend for someone just starting out?

Frederik Beier: 1. Get a professional to teach you the right techniques from the start, otherwise, you’ll end up with injuries, later on. I am lucky to never have had a serious injury, because I always listen to my body. I have a motto “If something hurts (in a bad way of course), then stop doing it". I’ve seen many friends fail by just “training through it”.  All of them ending up with injuries and several weeks being unable to train.

2. Read about nutrition, and learn about your body, everybody is different and needs to be treated that way. So therefore, you have to experiment and find out what works for you! There are guidelines on how much you should eat etc. but remember, they are only guidelines!

3. Have fun with it! Trying new stuff, whether it being new exercises or supplements, have always been fun for me, so I just remember switching it up and it never gets boring. Lately, I completed a 1000 rep bodyweight challenge, something I attempted before but only managed to complete 70%, but this time, I completed the whole challenge! And wow! What an achievement and goal for me!    

Frederick Beier

Frederick Beier

How about food? Do you follow a specific diet?

Frederik Beier: To be honest, I don’t. I have never counted calories, but having a basic understanding of what my body needs at different times of day, that really helps me get the right nutrients at the right time. Although counting calories and weighing my food, might have given me a bit better results, I do not think it is necessary if you are not competing. I’d rather have a more relaxed relationship with food, being able to eat what I want when I want, with moderation of course. I am always conscious of what I am eating, and balancing it out in regards to what my body needs.

Do you have any special music you listen to while training?

Frederik Beier: I have a quite broad music taste, but all within the electronic specter. Sometimes I feel like training to big room house, progressive trance, sometimes even psychedelic trance or dubstep.
I always find mixes 1-2 hours in length for my training sessions, and right now I really like a mix called “Left behind” from Neelix, although a little old, I really like the melodic elements, perfect for getting me “in the zone” with full focus on my training.

Check out this high-intensity mix selected by Frederik Beier, recommended to get your workout in the zone!