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Health and wellness are constantly on my radar. I am just as passionate about searching out the latest breakthroughs as I am sharing them with you. Nothing excites me more than to meet people pushing the boundaries of where conventional medicine leaves off and new methods are presented to help us be the best we can be. 

Laird Hamilton is one of the top big wave surfers in the world. Though from a young age he was always into extreme sports, he never embraced the world of competitive surfing. “It’s very difficult to judge surfing because surfing is art,” he declared. He had nothing to prove, infamously surfing one of the most dangerous waves in the world in 2000. 

Instead, he pursued a career modeling and acting and kept surfing as his passion. He is accredited with inventing several innovations in the world of surfing. He and his friends Derrick Doerner and Buzzy Kerbox started using inflatable boats to tow one another into waves which were too big to catch under paddle power alone. This technique was modified later to use personal watercraft and became a popular innovation known as tow-in surfing. 

He was also instrumental in demonstrating and popularizing kitesurfing. As well developing a surfboard that incorporated hydrofoil. A technology allowing a higher degree of precision and effectiveness of aerial techniques in the water. 

When I saw this video of Laird giving a testimonial about Wim Hof, I was immediately fascinated. Everything made sense. From the breathing exercises to the cold therapy.

Wim Hof's message was clear-

Strengthen your body and be able to prevent disease

Wim is internationally renowned for his countless ice endeavors that range from being up to his neck in a cylinder filled with ice cubes for over 90 minutes, swimming long distances under polar ice, running a marathon barefoot to climbing the Everest in nothing more than a pair of shorts. It gained him worldwide fame and his nickname: The Iceman. Wim has shown what the human body is capable of once you find the flow within your physical and mental state. Right now he especially sees his new challenge in passing on his method to others to give everyone the opportunity to reach out and do more than what they thought they were capable of. Through the right training and exercises, you can strengthen your inner nature and prevent disease.

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