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Fitness is many different things to many different people. Each body's chemistry set of DNA and genetics makes each one of us remarkably unique. Some of us may have faster metabolisms. Some of us may have more lean muscle mass. Some of us may be heavier. Some petite. Some of us may love going to the gym while some of us may prefer to be more sedentary. 

It's probably not an exaggeration to say that most of us, would prefer to be fit. How many of us, wouldn't take the easiest route possible if it were presented to us? Most of us are taught that it's calorie consumption and exercise to burn those calories we ingest if we don't want to gain weight.

Imagine if there were a way, to burn calories without having to do cardio or go to the gym even? Imagine a piece of clothing you wear, that not only helped you to burn calories, lose weight and reduce pain from minor injuries. Look no further as The Cold Shoulder may be exactly what you've been looking for! 

Designed by a NASA scientist, this vest burns calories, just by wearing it, using comfortable, mild cold exposure.

Whether you’re an athlete, an actor/model, or a couch potato, almost everybody today could benefit from burning a few more calories without expending time or effort.

The Problem: Exercise is not the only way to burn calories

The first thing I always hear when I say I’m touting a “cold vest” is, “I don’t like being cold.” But think of all the other crazy things people do in order to try to lose excess fat. Starving themselves? Eating zero-calorie clay just to feel full, which carries a risk of arsenic poising? Exhausting themselves in the gym? Ingesting questionable supplements that, if they work at all, have side effects like insomnia or over‐stimulation? How about wearing a corset just to appear thinner? Drug injections? Liposuction? Freezing fat cells? Gastro‐intestinal surgery? Considering these options, wearing a cool, calorie-burning vest is pretty tame in comparison. The Cold Shoulder has no known side effects. Users who start skeptical end up wearing it routinely, and even find they look forward to putting it on at the end of a long day.

There is an aspect of the calorie equation that has been largely neglected for too long. There is a huge hole in our collective knowledge. Although exercise is definitely good, most people think that exercise is theonlyway to burn excess calories. But it’s not.

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