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Workout Mix 2016; Super Star DJ Sander Kleinenberg

Miami Edition; High-Intensity

Sander Kleinenberg's brand new The Deepest Mixtape In The Universe #5 (Miami Edition), is an epic addition to our high-intensity soundtrack library. Sander made this mix especially for Winter Music Conference Miami 2016 and has been searching the globe for this year's bests tracks. Kleinenberg is going between Miami and the SXSW Festival to make sure all his fans in the US get a chance to check out his latest productions. However if you can't make it, then we've got him right here for you. 

Track List:

1) Lars Moston & Boris Dlugosch - Night Owls (Original Mix) - Suara

2) Aurelio Guima ft. Mari Perrelli - All Alone - Bunny Tiger

3) Pete Sabo & Who Knows - Like This ( Sharam Jey Edit ) - Bunny Tiger

4) Alex Madden - Need You back - Diffused Music

5) Sander Kleinenberg ft DEV - We Rock It - Spinnin deep

6) Billy Kenny & Aaron Jackson - Right Here - Heldeep

7) Moonbootica & teenage Mutants - Mutant Boots ( original mix ) - Incorrect Music

8) Jess Glynne - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself (Antonio Giacca Remix) [Atlantic Records]

9) Skapes & Ke-An - Feel It (Original Mix) - Simma Red

10) Oliver Nelson Ft. Heir - Found Your Love (Monarchs Remix) - Perfect havoc

11) Seamus Haji - Feel It (VIP mix) -

12) CID - Together

13) Ramon Tapia - Split Second - MY FAVOURITE FREAKS

14) Junior Boys - Big Black Coat (Robert Hood Remix)

Whether it’s producing, remixing or DJing, Sander Kleinenberg has been building credibility in on all fronts for over two decades. With twenty years of experience behind him, he’s established himself as an advocate for progress and most of all, a pivotal player on the frontier of electronic music. Starting out at merely fifteen years old, a young Sander Kleinenberg was inspired by R&B and hip-hop culture in the late eighties. These urban vibes led to him starting his own career, which in turn led to him traveling the world and spreading his sound along the way. Often mentioned when talking about the first wave of super-start DJ’s from more than a decade ago, Sander brought a mixture genres and styles to the table like never seen before. His quirky disco, psychedelia, Detroit techno, straight up soul and industrialism contributed greatly to the ever-evolving musical landscape in the ‘90s and 00’s. Sander’s eclectic persona and capability to always be two steps ahead of the rest have resulted in him being an award-winning DJ and producer. As time passes by and his career unfolds, the pattern within it becomes more and more visible, Sander is ‘a man on the move, always searching for the perfect mix’ in his own words.

Sander’s passion for perfection has kept him away from classification, putting hours upon hours into the enrichment of his DJ- and producer-skills. Constantly twisting and shaping sounds, progressing in the studio and experimenting on an unprecedented level have brought Sander to the point where a jaw-dropping remix for Justin Timberlake was soon followed by another one for Daft Punk, Madonna, Janet Jackson, N*E*R*D and so on. Original tracks like ‘My Lexicon’ and ‘The Fruit’ have made lasting impacts on the scene, while his more recent work prove to be a testament to his skill. Having put out several tracks and remixes in 2015, Sander’s work remain to influence the industry today, making him a valid player in the ‘house 2.0’ movement. 2016 will mark a year of rejuvenation for Sander Kleinenberg as he prepares to release new material on Spinnin’ Records, Fool’s Gold, and more. Representing twenty years in dance music, it’s time to once again take to the road and rekindle his ability to bring levity and fun back to the dance-floors. Sander has cultivated a sound that encompasses the huge arena sound of EDM, while never wavering from his foundation in house music. Sander Kleinenberg 2.0 has arrived.