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Top 5 Electric Surfboards

Takes The Waves Out To Go Worldwide
Onean Electric Board

I live in Southern California, the land of traffic, actors, Hollywood and where the edge of our continent meets the Pacific Ocean. We are known for kayaking, paddle boarding and wind surfing but most of all? Our surf and surfers. But what does one do when there is no surf?  What does one do when there is a deep desire to commune with the water with nothing more than a board to propel you across it?  Or worse, live somewhere where there are no waves at all?  The answer seems to be found in the electric surfboard. 

The health and fitness benefits of surfing are probably not the first reason diehard surfers head to the water. There is something zen-like that transpires between a surfer and the ocean. The water, the sun, the marine life, the rhythm of the ocean. Surfing forces you to live in the moment. 


Surfing is great for your core, abs and legs

The art of surfing originated in Polynesia some 3000 years ago. The first surfers were the fisherman who discovered riding waves was an efficient way of getting to shore to bring in their catch. Eventually "catching waves" developed from being a part of work to becoming a pastime. Early historical records show records of surfing in the 1700's when European's and Polynesian's made the first contact in Tahiti. The first Polynesian settlers in Hawaii were most likely already skilled in simple surfing but after a few hundred years of riding the waves in Hawaii, it developed into the sport as it is known today. 

Today surfing is one of the biggest sports in the world and surfers from all over will travel long distances to find those perfect waves. From California to Hawaii, Mexico to Australia, South America to Africa, there is surf to be found. Surfing is an amazing cardiovascular exercise especially from the repetitive paddling of the board. You will build strong shoulders and back strength. Once standing on the board, this is where good balance, strong legs and core strength come in. And, this is where the electric surfboard takes over if you can't get to or don't live near great surf. But if you do live by a good body of water, this is where the fun begins.

Here are 5 of the top electric surfboards