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TBT's Best 10 Origins Of House Playlist for Pilates, Soul-Cycle, Dancing, Power Yoga Mid-Intensity Mix

History Of House; The Roots Of EDM

House music started in Chicago in 1977, when Frankie Knuckles opened a club called The Warehouse. He mixed old disco classics and Eurobeat Pop. Though house music originated in America, it certainly was influenced by the popularity of English music. Specifically the English electronic pop sound of bands like Depeche Mode and Soft Cell. Earlier disco based productions like Georgio Moroder, Klein & MBO and Italian productions also helped to give rise to House Music. 

Though the term "aerobics" was coined by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper in a book he published with the same name in 1968. It wasn't until 1978 that the number of people doing aerobics started to increase. In 1979, Jane Fonda won the academy award for her movie Going Home. It was also the year she opened her first workout studio. An industry until then, dominated by boxers and bodybuilders. 



No one knew how big House music and fitness were to become back in the 70's. The Paradise Garage opened in New York. Jane Fonda not only sparked the aerobics trend of the late 1970s and 1980s–she also popularized the concept of working out for women in general. Then releasing her home workout videos in 1982. Both house music and aerobics went on to dominate every corner of the world. The marriage of exercise and music, particularly EDM, is a match made in heaven. 

These top 10 epic tracks from the origins of house are like listening to the roots of rock and roll. Some of these timeless classics have been sampled or remade many times and are sure to sound familiar. Even if you're too young to have heard them the first time out, you owe it to yourself to hear them now.  They are the roots and soul of house music. If you're into EDM then these producers from Frankie Knuckles to Louie Vega, are the stuff of House music legends and royalty. 

Working out and house music has come a very long way since these tracks were released. These 10 timeless classics are a perfect addition to any mid-intensity workout. The following ten tracks are like going back in time and getting a snapshot of an era that's long gone but lives forever in the hearts of those who love House Music.  

1. Rhythim is Rhythim- Strings Of Life 

2. Hardrive- Deep Inside 

3. Mr. Fingers- Can You Feel It 

4. Inner City- Good Life 

5. Orbital- Chime

6. A Guy Called Gerald- Voodoo Ray

7. Lil Louis- French Kiss

8. Adonis- No Way Back 

9. Alison Limerick- Where Love Lives (Classic Mix)

10. Frankie Knuckles- Your Love