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Sexy Deep House World Music Mix; Free Download

Deep House Mid-Intensity Mix

Fred NUform (Obyone/Nokk) was born in the small french town of Chamonix, where he divided his time between music and sport. Later he got his start in electronic music and had the opportunity to spin vinyl at a local "underground club".  A place for him to explore a wide variety of genres including techno, house and trance. This is where his love for performing music live on stage started to take shape. This new exposure gave him the chance to get noticed by club promoters and DJ's to play in bigger and better events and venues. He has played all over Europe, including France, Spain, Belgium, Netherland, Germany.


In the last 2 decades, he was inspired by many great influences from all directions of electronic and world music.  Nuform says,"It's all about good music and I definitely don't allow myself to be restricted on my music." Over the last few years, his musical tastes have broadened drastically and you will find him playing anything from Deep & Dub techno, Minimal to Old school electronic beats, depending on where you catch him spinnin'. Anyone who has ever seen Nuform perform, knows about his innovative and cutting edge sound, with his tight, pressured, groovy and hypnotic DJ set. His DJ skills have taken him from Paris to London, Melbourne to Bangkok, Moscow to Tokyo. In these cities, among many others, he has twisted the dance floor for crowds of over 3000 people.  He's found it a privilege to play at a number of great events and festivals, locally and internationally. NUform is inspired by the emotional landscape of the dancefloor, where each performance is a journey of its own...

DJ NuForm

DJ NuForm

This sexy, deep house mix from NuForm has a really European and World music feel. The mix is eclectic with a really cool piano track at the beginning. Then the journey takes you on a World music feel with beautiful vocals. The mix is mid-intensity to low-intensity, perfect for running or for yoga. The mix ebbs and flows and is never boring. It's mysterious and far from commercial, which is perfect for those of you looking for something different. And the best part is the mix is available for you to discover for free. Jump on over to NuForm's page to discover this unique talent.