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Massage is as vital to your health as pure water. healthy food and fresh air. It is healing, relieves stress and tension. It improves your immune system and circulation. Yet it's quite common for people to overlook it. Many will use the excuse it is too expensive or they don't have the time. The Buddha said, if you don't have time to meditate for 20 minutes, then you should meditate for an hour! Massage is equally important. So if you think you can't afford it, here's my advice,"You can't afford not to". The list of massage benefits is endless. Here's a great video I found to show you how to give yourself this gift. 

People from all over the world are constantly searching for alternative and natural ways to help treat their health conditions and disorders. They don't want to have to rely on modern health options, and who can blame them. Those treatments usually involve incredibly harsh and expensive pharmaceuticals, which often have even worse side effects than the actual issue they are supposed to alleviate. 

That is part of the reason why so many people end up turning to homeopathic remedies in an effort to naturally balance and heal their bodies, as well as their minds.

Foot Reflexology

Pressure Points On The Feet, Corresponding To Various Body Parts

One of the most popular and effective alternative treatment methods is hands down massage therapy. The simple act of applying pressure to various points on our bodies does wonders to dissolve away aches, pains, tension, and the built up stresses hampering our bodies. One form of massage therapy that stands out as particularly effective is reflexology.

 Reflexology is the stimulation of a reflex point to relieve and help regulate abnormalities between different body parts. By massaging and applying pressure to specific points located on either the hands or feet you can help bring about physical changes to your body. There are many different areas on the foot which correspond to certain body parts, so be sure to check out the included chart and video which map it all out for you to see.

Reflexology works by stimulating the thousands of nerves in the hands and feet, thereby increasing blood flow. Human feet have over 15,000 nerves and they all connect to form a network that reaches different areas of the body, such as our main organs and glands. ... Read More: