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How To Have Sex The Right Way

Sex; Beyond A Great Workout

Most people like sex is a fair statement. The saying, "money makes the world go round" would probably be more accurate, if money, was replaced by sex. Because the truth is, if it weren't for sex, we wouldn't be here. Sex is healthy, sex is good for you, sex can be a great workout. But in a world where I've heard too many women say they've not had an orgasm or men who think a clitoris is an animal related to the rhinoceros, it seems we've still got some issues. 

There is a sexual revolution going on right now. Polyamorous and open relationships becoming trendy, especially with the younger people. OM, the "orgasmic meditation" movement, getting a lot of publicity at the moment. Transgender have become mainstream and homosexuals are finally getting their just dues. It really wasn't that long ago that Kim Cattrell from "Sex In The City", was saying things so many of us needed to hear. 


Sex Is Healthy

So when I found this article by Summer Engman, I had to share it with you. I think she really nailed it. 


Women are the gatekeepers of sex.

Our minds and bodies need to be skillfully navigated or else this thing doesn't go. Even if it starts out well, often the feeling between us shifts, and all of a sudden it's a no-go. So many men assume we just weren't that into them or that we don't like sex. But my experience is that most guys are doing things that they have no idea are turning women off and ending their chances of going deeper together. These guys don't realize that we really liked them and were crossing our fingers, hoping, praying, that they wouldn't do one of those things that we hate, one of the things that totally conflicts with our instincts and our anatomy, just this once, so that we can open the gates and finally have some good sex.

Occasionally there is a man who totally gets it. But mostly, and I know this sounds harsh but it's honest, even the best, most legit, men are making some fatal blunders when it comes to seduction, arousal and sex, and many women are tolerating it because we want the intimacy.

I want for men to be successful with women so everyone can have the best sex.

Since I happen to be a woman who has had a lot of terrible sex, I thought maybe I could help us all. Mine has been a journey from disliking sex, even dreading it, to, after years of focused practice, training (yes, training), and a lot of personal reflection, absolutely loving it and being able to understand what feels good and put language to it. And through my work I've spoken to hundreds of women about their sex and found that I'm not all that unique in what works for me.

So for the benefit of men and women who want to have great sex, but mainly for the benefit of myself, I have written a manual on the energetics of sex (you'll soon see why there is no technique in this manual).

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