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Have you been thinking about trying yoga? Yoga, now in the mainstream consciousness, is really for everyone. All ages and all levels, as long as you try a class suitable for you. Many people get intimidated when they see someone doing something advanced, but it's important to remember, it can take years of practice to be able to gain flexibility. Especially if you haven't been doing anything. 

It's very important to listen to your body and know when not to try something. Yoga has so many important benefits, from longevity to anti-aging. It can be used to strengthen and stretch, as well as soothe and cure. I wish I had a dollar for as many times I've heard people tell me their back problems had been solved from yoga. Of course, any exercise that you embark on should be given the all clear from your doctor. Especially if you do have any injuries. And, it's also important to let your yoga teacher know as well. Every pose has its modification and a well-trained teacher will know how to work with you, so you don't get injured. Injured or beginner, there's nothing to be afraid of. Yoga is not a competition, it's a healing modality. When done correctly, you will probably find you get addicted. I call yoga the gift that keeps giving. If you stick with it, you'll find yourself getting deeper into your practice and doing things you didn't think were possible. Your body and mind will be thanking you. 

What's really great to know, is many wonderful studios and even Lululemon offer a weekly free yoga class. Yoga Works will even give you a week free trial period. If you can, try to do yoga a minimum 3 times a week in a class environment. Once you start to familiarize yourself with the asanas or a sequence, you can start to do it at home. Make sure you have a safe environment. Stretching before bed is extremely beneficial, not only will you get a better nights sleep, but you'll wake up feeling good too. 

Here's a great chill out ambient mix. Use it for yoga, dinner, in the bedroom or kitchen, driving or just relaxing.