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Fast & Dirty Circuit Workout With Alex Silver-Fagan

Great Workout To Compliment The Circuit Playlist

As I was compiling the "Circuit Training Crush It Hardcore Play List" I came upon Alex Silver-Fagen. I was really impressed with her workout and thought her  video would be a great companion to the playlist I just compiled. If you want to work out alongside Alex, I suggest cranking up the playlist. 

Let me know how it goes. 

Born and raised in the New York area, Alex graduated from NYU with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Business. Shortly after realizing that her heart and body felt happiest in motion (i.e. not behind a desk) she shifted her focus to physical fitness.

At the beginning of 2014, Alex began to train as bodybuilder and that summer competed in two NPC bikini shows, ultimately taking home a 2nd place title and a National Level Qualification. She then went on to compete at the LA Fit Expo in the Bodyspace Spokesmodel Search. After diving into the bodybuilding world she started to explore other areas of fitness and now trains not for aesthetics but to be a well rounded athlete; mixing powerlifting, olympic lifting, running, rowing, spinning, yoga, etc. The body should have no limits and thus her training is the same.

Alex holds an ACE Personal Training Certification, Kettlbell Athletics 1 Certification and the Functional Movement Screen Certification. She is also a WIlhelmina Fitness Model and works regularly with publications like SHAPE, SELF, Women's Health, and Women's Running Magazine, just to name a few.

Currently, Alex teaches at CITYROW, a boutique indoor rowing studio coupled with strength training, at Crossfit Solace, a boutique CrossFit gym where she coaches athletes in a class called Solace Body, and is also a NIKE NTC trainer, teaching group HIIT classes to the public as well as personal 1:1 sessions with VIP/celebrity clientele. Additionally, she is a TEAM Athlete and a Cellucor Sponsored Athlete.

Alex brings her relatable approach to fitness to both her clients and followers. Her goal is to change the way the world views fitness and movement. Rather than being thought of as a punishment or something you "have" to do, exercise should instead be fun, enjoyable, and make you excited to FEEL good. She works hard each day to ultimately inspire others that with passion and dedication: you can do ANYTHING.