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Delicious And Healthy Sunday Dinner

Healthy Recipes For You

Once again I find myself visiting my friend Tanja Ting's wonderful website Candida Free. She used to be a big model then moved to Ibiza. She opened a clothing store and had a passion for design. Now she's a wife, a mother of two beautiful children and lives in paradise. She's a self-professed foodie, jewelry designer and dedicated Candida Free activist. Several years ago when she discovered she had candida, she did her research and experimented, determined to heal herself. She had to change her diet completely and through her complete healing, devoted herself to helping others with the same plight. 

Tanja Ting's  cookbook Pure Goodness

Tanja Ting's  cookbook Pure Goodness

Her group on Facebook Candida Free is a great place to connect with her and see all the new recipes and tips she'll be sharing. It's been an amazing journey to follow. Her recipes are tasty, yet pretty simple. Many people don't realize they even have Candida, as sometimes the symptoms are quite subtle. But for those of you that suffer from the extremes, this is a great place to experiment and learn. She's written a wonderful cookbook you may find here. 

Sunday the perfect day to gather friends and family, relax and share a meal.

Veggie Loaf  served with avocado and salad

1 cup millet

1 leek chopped

1 zucchini roughly chopped

4 cups of fresh spinach roughly chopped

1/2 red onion chopped

1 cup walnuts chopped

1 tsp sea salt 

1/4 tsp nutmeg

5 eggs

2 tbsp olive oil 

Preheat oven to 180C

Cook the millets in 1 1/2 cup of water in a medium size pot. Meanwhile cook the veggies in a bit of olive oil in a big pan until soft. Then toss the cooked millet and veggies into a big bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix it well and pour the mixture into a bread pan and bake the loaf for 40-45 minutes.When baked set the bread aside for 15 minutes for the loaf to settle. Take the loaf out of the pan and use a sharp knife to slice it, cut the slices 1-2 cm thick.

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