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Burn Fat Fast With Tabata In Four Minutes

Time Efficient Work Out; Maximum Effort, Minimum Time

Let's face it, we're all in a hurry these days. The technology was supposed to be developed to make life easier and work less. But now it seems all we do is work because now we have the technology to have our work in front of us 24/7! It's a new time, a new generation, and things are changing and changing fast! Years ago when I first got into fitness, going to the gym pretty much daily, I would spend at least an hour doing some type of cardio. Cut to 20 years later and the younger generation certainly is lucky. Today the biggest trend is interval training and shorter workouts. Maximum effort with minimum time.

Apparently working out your hardest for a short period then recovering and doing it again, has a much greater benefit and burns fat more efficiently. In some cases, this strain on the heart, not to mention the knees and the back, are not ideal for the human. We were after all hunter-gatherers and we used to sprint, then stop and hide. Other animals, such as dogs and horses, that can endure running long distances have to be compelled to do so. They don’t run willingly. Even then, humans still perform better than such animals.

Tabata workouts are super effective and time efficient for incinerating fat in four-minute intervals. They are not for the faint-hearted – but do deliver some serious benefits that will help improve your conditioning and fitness levels.

The old school tabatas just utilise one exercise, but you can really add some variety to your workout by adding in some variations to keep things interesting!

You don’t even need a gym to get a great workout, this routine is a bodyweight one that can be done anywhere!

How do tabata sessions work?

Each tabata interval consists of 20 seconds of high intensity exercise with a ten second rest. This is repeated for four minutes which equates to eight rounds.

4-Minute Tabata Workout

Follow the below routine to get started!

20 seconds on – 10 seconds off – start next exercise – and repeat!

Exercise #1: Bodyweight Squat

Begin with your feet shoulder width apart and place your hands in front of your body, level with the floor.

Start the exercise by bending the knees and sitting back with the hips into a squat position.

Squeeze the glutes and don’t allow the knees to cave or go beyond your toes.

Continue the movement as far as your flexibility allows and reverse the motion to return to the starting position. Repeat.

10-seconds rest

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