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Injuries are a top concern when it comes to fitness and working out. It's always most important to listen to your body and make sure to always do what it's telling you. For instance, if you have any sharp consistent pain, I would urge you to go to a doctor. If something is minor, then I would recommend possibly stopping what it is causing the pain and waiting till it subsides. However, sometimes we have injuries and need physical therapy and it might be a good idea to incorporate a brace into your fitness gear. Braces are a good route to give you the support you may need and enable you to heal. Or sometimes, just to protect us. 

Some of us remember when we were kids and braces were not very fashionable. A lot of kids dreaded a mouth full of silver braces. As time has gone by,  we now have invisible braces and even braces with various colors. Braces have come into fashion. And it's no different in the world of sport. Today Better Braces brings us several brands that not only make some the best braces, they also happen to look cool! 

Knee injuries are quite common and as we age, our knees start to complain, even though it may be something you've done thousands of times. Something you've done all your life and suddenly you find yourself dumbstruck and wondering, "What the heck happened?" Sadly youth doesn't last forever and even the young are not immune. 

BetterBraces is the leader in sports bracing and therapy in both rehabilitation products and advice. They provide expert advice when it comes to injuries and brace recommendations for sports, post-surgery, or daily activities. Their ultimate goal is to get you back on your feet so you can continue staying active.

They are committed to providing its customers with top-quality merchandise, competitive pricing, timely delivery and, most importantly, superior customer service. Many of their products have a lifetime warranty and guarantee. Should you have any questions about products or order information, the customer service team is available Monday - Friday 6:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Time at 800-553-6019. You can also reach us by email at'

They are also, made in America.