Yoga Instructors Soundtracks: Here are 5 DJ Mixes ToTake Your Classes To the Next Level

Here are five fresh new mixes that will take your yoga class to the next level
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Downward Dog Beach Yoga

Downward Dog Beach Yoga

I love Spring! The flowers come out, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. If your yoga mat has been collecting dust, it's time to shake it off! I am curating some of the best music I can find just for you! Yoga teachers or students, where else can you find mixes tailored to your mood? I am a yoga teacher and I know, sometimes there isn't enough time in your day to put new mixes together. And don't you want to have fresh music for your faithful students? Well, sit back, relax and let us find it for you!

As the year gets off to a fresh start and our site is only a baby too, it's going to take a bit of time to build our library for you. But stick around, it's just going to keep growing and getting better and bigger. Please feel free to shoot me an email and let me know your thoughts? If there're mixes you need for your class or workout, I am here to help. Some of these mixes are going to work for low intensity and some are going to work for Power Yoga. Whether it's yoga, spinning, dance, cardio, running, hiking, walking, whatever your fitness flavor is, we are sure to satisfy. 

#1 DJ Jurag "The world spins so fast, everything is spinning and recycled. The music I like is no exception, over the years I have traveled many roads, experiencing numerous developments of different sounds," DJ Jurag...

#2 Guido's Lounge Cafe One of the Best Ambient/Chillout Radio Show 2014 & 2015 (Mixcloud Online Radio Awards 2014 & 2015)...

#3 Marques Wyatt Sonic love travels in many dimensions and as it relates to music, Marques Wyatt is a seminal force as undoubtedly amongst the most respected DJ's in the United States and a West Coast legend...

#4. Angelique Bianca Your faithful FitEdm resident, DJ, wellness coach and Yogi.

#5. Freddy Kaza Started off in 1992 as a DJ in various clubs in Japan. Freddy Kaza has been the resident at Bad Yard Club, Club Upper and House to House...