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Top 10 Running Shoes You Should Consider

Fitness Vs Speed - How should you choose?
Mizuno Wave Enigma Shoe

Mizuno Wave Enigma

Are you are picking a shoe for speed or for comfort? The firmer and thinner the midsole, the faster and more efficient a shoe will be. But the harder it will be on your feet. The softer the midsole and the more supportive the shoe, the better your legs will feel-at great cost to your pace. 

Here's 10 of the top shoes  found by the team at Outside Online, that might help you navigate at the intersection of these conflicting design principles. Their team selected a balance between the yin and yang of rush and plush. They found no shoe traversed that divide better than Nike's Pegasus, now in it's 33rd year, with equal doses of speed and comfort that no other contender could match. 

Nike Air Zoom Pagasus

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

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