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The Perfect Sunset Bike Ride Soundtrack: Melodic Deep House Mix

Deep house, your bike and the beach. Perfect.

I live near the beach and love to stick my bike on my car rack and head down for the sunset. Nothing is more invigorating than a good mix, the smell of the ocean and a cruise on the bike path. This deep melodic mix will make it feel more like a vacation than a workout. 

ECOS Artist Image


Artist Bio: ECCO

ECOS, Eduard Cos, is a Romanian based Dj currently residing in Amsterdam (Holland) , producer, drummer and sound engineer. His interest in electronic music became more predominant in early 2009. He started as a drummer playing funk/jazz/alternative rock, this being the beginning of an active interest in music, audio recording and music production. After a few projects that combined live drums and synth sounds in genres such as electronica, chill-out, nujazz, modern jazz, he became more familiar with producing and live performance. 

The love for underground house music had begun. From modern jazz to electronica and than deep house, the progression seemed somewhat natural. He introduced more variety in his sets by playing tech house, some minimal and dub techno at times. Having a performing background, samples, loops and live instruments combined with the mix itself and the jazz influences, come into play in many of his acts, creating both a live performance and a dj set. Lately he has been focusing on playing more on vinyl, looking to transition to full vinyl sets. His main genres range from House all the way to Minimal and Techno always looking for new tunes and fresh moods that could swing the dance-floor. From deep house to techno and darker minimal, from house to tech house, are all sounds that are part of his sets.

Creativeness in underground house music sets, introduced him to several clubbing scenes in Romania and the US where he lived for almost 5 years.
He founded and created the group and future label Attic. Also a member of AudioFort.