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Swimbot: The New Fitness Wearable For Swimming

Having problem with your strokes, this fitness wearable will help you fix them

Swimmers have been kind of left out of the wearable tech thing since the explosion happened about 3 years ago, but that's about to change. The guys behind Swimbot have just started a crowdfund campaign for their new device that could change the swimming game forever. 

Imagine having a device that can help you correct your stroke much like golfers have to correct their swing. Check out the video below, you are going to dig it. 

From Swimbot campaign:


Swimbot corrects your stroke instantaneously with sophisticated sounds. The 3D tutorials teach you the perfect swimming technique. 


1) Before your workout

● Visualize our 3D tutorials

● Assimilate and retain the ideal stroke patterns


Use it at the pool to get instant stats

2) During your workout

● Slip your SWIMBOT under your swim cap. Using bone conduction technology, our earphones offer you comfort and high-quality sound.

● It analyzes each and every move you make.

● It provides you with instant feedback via sophisticated sounds.



3) After your workout

  • Synchronize SWIMBOT with your Smartphone via Bluetooth, and share your progress with your friends!
  • Share your performance and compare yourself to thousands of swimming enthusiasts.

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