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Running Soundtrack- Beach Run; Ibiza To Malibu

This Great Mix Will Set Your Mind Free
Kotelett & Zadak

Kotelett & Zadak

Sometimes the weather is so perfect you have to head to the beach. When you live in LA, it's almost a crime not to get down to Malibu, take your shoes off and run barefoot. This excellent mix from the German duo Kotelett & Zadak had me cruising effortlessly down the sand. I could have been in Malibu or Ibiza as their sound is so European. This medium intensity melodic mix melded perfectly with the sounds of the sea. 

As you can see, Professor isn't complaining. 

Beach Run Malibu

Professor Eco Tesla in Malibu 

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Kotelett & Zadak Bio / HT Resident Advisor

Where the two actually originate, nobody knows for sure. Rumors have it that they once had a common love for sprat fishing and point their fateful meeting to somewhere on the North German Coast.

If you believe the various rumors, Zadak lost his pants in a raid by the Department of Fish and Game, while Kotelett, due to an overdose of moonshine, lost his Boating License. Both lost their Fishing Licenses and, whoops!, there went their livelihood...
What was left for them to do but abscond to the interior, a bleary-eyed and shady escape to where no one knew them by name. "From now on ...." one of the two is said to have mumbled into his beard; which one is still not known. All in all it was a perfectly logical development, since the nights were rough anyway and the lamest things always ended up in the Net...if all catfish are gray.

And so, control rod was quickly exchanged with controller, stroke side with backspin, and fog horn with fog machine. What was formerly filleted, is now being filtered, what was being caught, is now pitched. Since then they have never again scrubbed the decks, but instead record from them.

Now, wherever they drop their anchor: there blows a strong bass-breeze, sound waves rise and no shot glass remains dry. Every Mermaid has exchanged her ingenue for a good pair of dance shoes and goes crazy from the unmistakable sound of the two self-acclaimed Club- Irish. Whosoever doesn't hold tight to the bar will be swept away like the sprats in the net.

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