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Restorative Yoga Music Mix

Nurture yourself to this great Yoga Mix By DJ Jurag

Work hard, play hard? It's really important to know your limitations and not forget; that while breaking a sweat is incredibly beneficial, it's also just as important to nurture yourself. I love to do restorative yoga before bedtime. A few great asanas to do before bed are reclining pigeon, child's pose, seated twist, forward fold and bridge pose. Also, a great way to end the day is to do a shoulder stand. But again, be sure to listen to your body always. Yoga is never about pushing past anything painful. So if you don't have any back, neck or shoulder issues then a gentle shoulder stand has many benefits. If you are familiar with the Ujjayi, victorious, breathe, it's ideal to work your way up to at least 25 breaths in the shoulder stand. Really giving your blood and circulation a good work out. Always remember, you can do modulations for any of these poses too. 

Why not throw this soothing low-intensity mix on by DJ Jurag and try out some of these poses? DJ Jurag hails from Barcelona Spain and has almost 50,000 followers on his mixcloud page. In his own words, "The world spins so fast, everything is spinning and recycled. The music I like is no exception, all these years I have traveled many roads, experiencing numerous developments of different sounds. As overlapping phases, as different landscapes that are merging between them, my music is mutating almost independently, natural ..." to describe his attitude and asthetic when it comes to his mixes. 

I really tried hard to find more info on the world wide web about our mysterious guest DJ, but to no avail. I am going to post this great yoga mix and reach out to him. As soon as I can get him to send me some info I'll be sure to repost it here. I am really sure this isn't the last we are going to hear from him. 

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