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Phazon: The Ultimate Wireless Sports Headphones

Finally Sports earbuds that are truly wireless and won't fall out!

For most of us, earbuds are a constant love hate relationship when we are trying to workout. The cords always tangle, they constantly fall out and we usually have to hold our phone or strap it on with some geeky armband.

This is all about to change with a couple companies pushing hard in the wireless buds space. The two brands that seem the most promising are Kanoa and Phazon, both of which are finalizing their crowdfunding and manufacturing.

These are the buds we have been dreaming about, compact and truly wireless they can sync with your Apple Watch so you don't have to ever work about carrying a clunky phone again. For those of you that don't mind porting your phones around, don't worry they will pair with those too. 

The Phazon's are claiming that they won't fall out with your workout activity, which is pretty impressive. You can even swim with these things, which is really going to make a lot of swimmers workouts a lot more exciting. 


They thought of everything... 

From the Phazon site:

Phazon is making the world’s first one-size-fits-all wireless earbuds - guaranteed not to fall off.

Wireless earbuds have been around recently. However, they offer very poor comfort and stability. While they claim that inserts (plastic or foam) can fix the problems, we know it won’t. Have you already tried earbuds with inserts? It just doesn’t work well in an active environment. We plan to change all that with our product and patent pending form factor. That’s right, with a simple twist motion, everyone gets a snug fit with only 1 size and 0 inserts.

How is our one-size-fits-all earbuds different from any other product? Knowing that there is an inner ear pattern that everyone shares, we made many iterations to find our fit. With our twist motion, the fit is so solid that you can literally dive into the water and it will stay in place. It's a completely snug fit. Any sports from casual jogging to skydiving will let you listen to music flawlessly.

In the wireless earbud industry, it’s critical to have that great snug fit. After all, you surely don’t want to lose your earbuds while playing sports!