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Marques Wyatt's Deep Yoga Mix from Lightening In A Bottle

A live mix from LIB in Joshua Tree to get your vinyasa flowing

Marques Wyatt is one of LA's House music hometown heroes. He's a seminal pioneer of the house music scene in Los Angeles. In the mid 90's, at a time when the shape shifting of house music was rarely heard outside of Chicago and New York, Marques introduced the East Coast sound to his native Los Angeles via legendary house parties like BBC, MAC's Garage and Does Your Mama Know to name a few. It would be the perfect day to feature my dear friend, as it's his birthday today- Happy Birthday Marques!

Marques Wyatt

DJ Marques Wyatt

Marques also founded Deep LA and has played alongside some of the greatest names in house music. Frankie Knuckles, Louie Vega, Ron Trent and Kerri Chandler just to name a few. His club "Deep" is one of the longest running house music clubs in the history of Los Angeles. 

Marques has also been involved in the yoga community for quite a while, founding the Deep Exhale yoga series with Christi Christensen. He's DJ'd many yoga classes, but he's also become quite the yogi as well. The right music in your yoga practice can really take you deeper. With the right sequence of music and the asanas, you can really connect to staying present. Which is so important in your practice. To be grounded, focusing on your breath. The right combination and balance can really help you to flow.

I especially love this mix from Marques at Lightening in a Bottle last year. The way it builds slowly is magical and I'm sure you will love it as much as I for your next yoga class. He's even made it a free download on his Soundcloud page so be sure to grab it. 

I also found this really fun video of Marques from 2014 DJing at Lightening In A Bottle to give you a good taste of some of what goes down and how fun it is when music, dancing and yoga combine.   Here's a list of his upcoming dates: 

2.6 with Mark Farina at LOT 613

2.14 Sound

2.27 LOT 613

3.5 VGD w/ Atish

3.17 Standard Miami

3.20 Salted Gets Deep Epic Miami