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Low Intensity Soundtrack: Chill Out Yoga Sunset Lounge Mix

DJ Angelique's Yoga Mix
DJ Drea in Hawaii

DJ Drea in Kauai

I published this mix just over a year ago on MixCloud. I really wanted to share it with you, as it was my first top 10 there. It's a great mix for a yoga class, like Vinyasa Flow. 

I called this mix "We Are Love-Peace through music". I bet most of you would agree, music is so powerful. There's nothing like the perfect marriage of a great mix to accompany your fitness mood. 

I love my yoga practice and I am also looking forward to sharing music for meditation and my other passion, "Pranayama"; breathing exercises. 


Pranayama has amazing benefits

I do breathing exercises every single day. Most people don't realize they spend most of their lives doing "shallow breathing". Well, you can equivocate breath work, to say your car. If you keep your car with low air in the tires and bald, eventually they are going to pop. I'm not saying your lungs are going to pop, but your lungs need exercise just like your heart. You can see all the benefits just from the chart above. We're going to be diving deeper into this in the next couple of days, so stay tuned! 

 I decided to grab this great photo of my dear friend, DJ Drea. She lives in Hawaii, is a hot DJ and Yogi. This is her on the magical island of Kauai. I just reached out to her, so we'll be getting some mixes from her soon for your collection. 

Feel free to check out my Mixcloud page and connect with me there. If you like any of the mixes, I'd be happy to send them to you. Just drop me a line and I'll send you a link. I am searching the world far and wide for the best playlist and mixes. If you have any DJ's in particular you'd like to request or have a submission yourself, please be sure to let us know.