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Looking For Some Disco With A Twist? Try This Bee Gees Remix In Your Running Playlist

Gabriel Diggs new Bee Gees "Staying Alive" Bootleg

I got the pleasure this year to meet and mix with Gabriel Diggs in Malibu at The Sunset Restaurant and Lounge, where we both were spinning. We had so much in common it was uncanny! Both musically and on our travels. We'd both spent a lot of time in Ibiza.  At different times, but turns out, we had many of the same friends! Many DJ's and producers from the island. 

As a producer Gabriel has remixed highly acclaimed artist Idina Menzel, John Legend, Steve Aoki, Sarah McLachlan and Usher. On the big screen Gabriel has appeared in "Colour Me Kubrick" starring John Malkovich and he was chosen by Mitsubishi Motor to score and host their TV special "Test Drive: Mitsubishi Eclipse". In addition, Gabriel is the only DJ ever to be featured on the cover of a video game: Beatmania by PlayStation and Konami. Gabriel was also hand-picked by Karl Lagerfeld to create the music for the launch of Mr. Lagerfeld's global brand "Karl".  

So it's no wonder today when I heard Gabriel's new remix, I was dancing in my room. To be honest, it's a bootleg, so it might get taken down soon.  Here's your chance to check it out before it's too late. I personally think the Bee Gee's should give him the thumbs up! 

If you're thinking Gabriel looks a bit familiar, it's because sexiness runs in the family. Gabriel is Taye Digg's brother and there's some serious hotness happening in the room when these two are together! 

This track is really fun and not only great for a main room dance floor but also a perfect tune to add to any high energy run or workout! Stay tuned for more on Gabriel. He just told me he got a brand new residency and he's going to be releasing more great music soon.