New Workout: Have You Heard Of Trapfit?

Swinging into fitness on a trapeze


There's a fitness craze that hit Hollywood not too long ago and it's got me really flying, literally! Trapfit uses personal trapezes for deep core work, cardio and full body strengthening. Trapfit is a fusion of aerial arts fitness with lower and upper body strengthening. Looks like some celebrities are really benefiting from the action! Check out Pink's hot Trapfit body. 

Joshua Michael is the creator of Trapfit at Crunch Fitness and wanted to create something fun. If you ever dreamed of joining the circus, this could be the exercise for you. This may make you feel like a kid again but it is a serious interval training. It does require intense strength and can be hard on the hands. 

As with all rigorous workouts, it's key to listen to your body. Be patient with yourself and know your limitations. These classes are designed for all levels, but if you're just starting, you probably won't be joining the circus just yet. You'll really need to build your upper body strength and be super careful not to stress your joints. 

The class starts with a 20 minute warm up safely on the ground. Followed by another 20 minutes of warm up using a very heavy aluminum and rubber bar called a "jelly body bar" before exercises begin on the trapeze itself. 

Trapfit Jelly Body Bar

Trapfit Jelly Body Bar

Michael says the bar is used to activate the muscles in the back and shoulders to prepare for a full range of motion on the trapeze. 

Many people say they can't go to the gym because they find it boring. I think Trapfit would be anything but. Besides being super challenging, it looks like it's extremely fun. It's not often adults get to go to the playground, so I really like that this could get me in touch with my inner child again, dreaming of flying through the air or running off to join Cirque De Soleil.