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Late Night Lycra Brings A New Wellness Workout To Los Angeles Tonight

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LA Tonight: Yoga, Pilates, House Music & More At Late Night Lycra

Late Night Lycra creates an extraordinary experience that satiates the soul and begets beauty. The curated class is comprised of a 30 minute aromatherapy and breath work session, 1 hour yoga instruction, and a 30 minute pilates and dance segment to deliver a unique workout in an urban setting. Complimentary juice and tea bar will follow, encouraging connectivity to the community through music. Come radiate in a space that inspires alignment and indulges the senses through featured physical and spiritual guides.

$20 Suggested Donation/ Bring Your Own Mats


Instruction by: Soyela Shafer

“Dont ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it, cause what the world needs are people who have come alive”

The Grounded Way Yoga & Surf retreats

Music by: Sergio V

Sergio has been gracing the decks since the early 90's with over two decades of dance music experience. Early influences from Funk and Disco, Sergio quickly found a home with House music during the classic house era and early techno. Sergio's current sound is a delicate blend of Deep Tech House and Cosmic Disco with a hint of Acid Rock. Sergio has almost exlcusively spent all efforts in promoting and supporting the underground dance music scene in Los Angeles. His current residencies include: Crimson Society and The Basement LA.

Tapestries by: Jumbie Art

Pop Up by: Serpent + Stag

Curated by: Chrissy Consolino, Megan Sutherland

Hosted by:

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