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Proper Villains Shares His 5 Favorite Free Workout Mix Downloads

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Proper Villains Shares His 5 Favorite Free Workout Mix Downloads

While many cats in the industry (myself included for a long time) enjoy treating their bodies like piñatas, I decided to stop drinking and partaking in other vices. Also being unable to eat gluten has pushed me to be a master in the kitchen.

A combination of these new challenges as well as taking up miscellaneous healthy hobbies like cross fit or muay thai have allowed me to live a healthy life while not turning into a lame health nut (no offense to anyone). And as a musician, music can be a very driving force for any activity in my life! So click through the pages below to take a look at what I’m listening to during various activities.

Mixes that are perfect for running, walking, eircuit training, yoga, and dancing all here.


The truth is, I loath running, so my philosophy is fuck the 5 mile jog. Sprint! Go hard, go fast and get your run finished in 10-15 minutes of sweaty, hamstring frying glory.

There's a ton of benefits to sprinting. It's anabolic and is much better for fat loss then long slow runs.

The best music for sprinting is by far Philly club music. To that end, DJ Sega's sixer mixes are my go to sprint soundtracks. Clocking in at about 20 minutes a piece, that gives me just enough time for a quick warm up, 4-5 1/4 mile sprints and a cool down. Holla at ya boi Ussain Bolt.


New Yorkers are on average about 10 lbs lighter then the rest of the country and the main reason is that we walk ALOT. On average I walk 2-3 miles a day just commuting from my apartment to the studio. In addition, to the weight loss benefits walking is great for active recovery. For walking in the city I really like deep dark house music and this by Hannah Wants is one of my recent favorites.


I love kettlebells. There's something really baddass about throwing around something that looks like a cannonball with a handle attached to it and since I quit heavy lifting about a year ago due to back problems, kettlebell circuits have become the mainstay of my workout routine. They're also really convenient. I've got a pullup bar, a 16kg bell and a 24kg bell right in my apartment. I can get a full body workout finished in about the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee. I love listening to really banging drum n' bass while I do this and when it comes dnb, Reid Speed can do know wrong.


All the hours in the studio and traveling have done a number on my back & hip flexors. Doing Hot Vinyasa flow makes me feel like a goddamn newborn baby, but I'm lucky if I make it to the yoga studio more than twice a month. Mostly it's getting in a bit of downward dog and warrior pose in my apartment or in a hotel room after a show. For the epic turn down, I always end up listening to mixes by nu-disco/funk/afrobeat master (and good friend) Jesse Mann.

5. Dancing:

Dancing is a great form of exercise. Listen to this mix and you’ll dance four nights worth in under an hour, guaranteed.


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