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DJ Bander Shares 3 EDM Workout Mixes For AM Training Sessions

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By: DJ Bander

DJ Bander Shares 3 EDM Workout Mixes For AM Training Sessions

Fitness just like music, has always been an integral part of my life. From cross country training in junior high, to K1 boxing thereafter, working out and a good play list just always seemed to go hand and hand. As a producer and DJ, I seek to find mixes that display a varied and dynamic range of production.

Equally as important as my playlist is my morning nutrition. I like to start my day early with some Shakeology and a couple bananas blended. Shakeology helps with sustained energy throughout the day, we often don't get the vegetables we need and I've found it to be the best nutritional supplement on the market. Cheers to a sound mind and body.

Click through the pages below for three EDM workout mixes that get me going early in the AM for a solid training session.

This mix by Owen Royal is smooth and uplifting. Really digging Hanging On by Teenage Mutants & Andre Crom. Mixes like this help me zone out and not even worry about how many miles I've crushed on the treadmill. Since I often run for anywhere between 3-5mi, I need to be focused. That means mixes like this that seem fluid and nice, smooth transitions.

I'm really feeling this trance mix by a DJ called RAvage. This set is a great transition into some power lifting. This is the type of mix that really gets you going on the weights. I particularly like Dreams by Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat Natalie Gioia. Great mixes always have records that take you away from the fatigue of working hard in the gym, this one is definitely no substitute.

I've been told by a lot of my fans on twitter and soundcloud that they enjoy my 2013 Summer Sessions mix for working out. I tried to carry a high energy and almost eerie feel throughout this mix, this can especially be felt in my Re-edit of Pranktech (Pranktech Vs. Loft Music). In some of my mixes I add in my own vocals as well, for working out I like to think it adds a sustaining motivation.


I hope these mixes add to the fulfillment of your training, big thanks to FitEDM, excited to be working with them more in the future. Be sure to keep your eye out for my upcoming EP release, slated for early summer. Find me on Instagram as well.


“The Arrival” EP is out now and is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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