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Workout Mix Download: Run Run Run Podcast

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Here it is, our first official FitEDM Podcast. This mix is not about BPM's or relentless beats, it's about emotion. When we get up and push ourselves in whatever it is that we do- running, gym, cycling, etc.- there is always a root. You are doing it for a reason... To clear your mind, to get over something, to look ahead!

That's really what FitEDM is at the core, it's a musical connection and an emotional one as well. We hope that you enjoy this first podcast. It's a mix of electronic music that represents some of the many sounds we cover on FitEDM. Some house, some disco, some indie dance, even a little indie pop sprinkled it. Sure we're going to cover it all here, but this are just some of the vibes we're feeling in our workouts at the moment.

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The mix has some peaks and valleys that should help you push through some limits and cruise on some nice plateaus. It clocks in at just over forty-five minutes long, so feel free to split it up into segments or workout to the whole thing. We programmed it for evening runs and looking deep inside yourself.... Let's RUN RUN RUN!!!!

Run, Run, Run Track List  (By Artist / Track)

InDeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (LeMarquis Remix)
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (TEEMID & Joie Tan Cover)
Coldplay - Magic (Lunar Apex Mix)
Layla - Smokestacks (Dimond Saints Rework)
KHUSHI - Magpie
Phantogram - Fall In Love (Nebbra Remix)
Blood Orange - On The Line (Star Slinger Edit)
Star Slinger - III/IV
Star Slinger - IV/IV
New Nave - Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)
Seoul - White Morning
Elephant - Elusive Youth

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