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Joey Fisher From TBMA Shares Five Favorite Workout Mixes

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Joey Fisher From TBMA Shares Five Favorite Workout Mixes


TBMA Is (l-r) Kyle Meagher, Joey Fisher, and Chris Curran

My day is packed to the gills everyday between gym, tattooing, music, music mgmt, my 7 lb baby angel chewie [maltese pup] and other miscellaneous adult stuff. Definitely had to correct my sleep cycle to be able to accommodate my hectic schedule when I decided to make the gym part of my daily routine.

At first, dieting was very difficult. It was very hard to cut most everything out of my diet and then relearn how to properly eat. Now It’s routine but it’s becoming harder as I am trying to get to sub 7% body fat so I am about to learn all about macros.  I have to completely change my diet again to be able to obtain the look I am going for.

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My weight and lack of exercise minus jumping around during our dj sets was really getting to me. I was tired of being overweight.  It really affected my overall mood daily. I felt gross and was very depressed all the time due to my unhealthy lifestyle. It took me hitting rock bottom to make a serious decision to take my life back and it has been a difficult journey to say the least. Like anyone I struggle with staying dedicated 7 days a week.  I only cheat on Sundays and my cheats are a joke to say the least (usually some buffalo wings or something like that).

However, music always is there, helping me reach my goals.  Here are five mixes that help motivate my new lifestyle:

Mix 1: Cooking Mix

Since I cook at around 9 am I’m not into anything really hyphy. Need something that isn’t gonna make me be all amped right away. Branchez is kind of perfect for that get-up morning vibe.

I eat the same food at the same time 6 days a week. I am a person of routine so this works perfect for me. Food is not quite as a pleasurable thing to me but more looked at as fuel however that isn’t what it needs to be for everyone. I eat oatmeal, granola or ezekiel toast with peanut butter for breakfast. Carbs are best consumed right off the rip as they are what fuels you. From there my meals consist of 2 BROtein shakes (shoutout to GNC), Chicken, brown rice, and mixed veg all portioned out twice, a salad with a protein like fish, chicken, or occasionally beef and 2 pieces of fruit for a snack.

Mix 2: Cardio Mix

175 bpm. Nothing says run like some DNB. Sub Focus is no doubt a huge inspiration in our music. There is just something about his sound that is inexplicably mesmerizing.
I do whats called intermittent fasting and do my cardio in the morning. Intermittent fasting is when you do your cardio before breakfast. I get up, take my supplements, and get going right away.  This forces your body to use its fat reserves for energy burning body fat up rapidly. This is only good for short term training.  I don’t recommend doing this permanently, of course. I go between the elliptical and the Arc Trainer.  I do 40 min of cardio 6 days a week.  As soon as I'm done I got home and carb up!

Mix 3: Lifting Mix

I rotate between those and some bands like The Ghost Inside, A Day To Remember and Terror.

All of these mixes and bands get me hella amped. Definitely need something music wise to keep me driven and my nose pressed to the grindstone.   On top of lifting good weight and pushing myself I am trying to get my form down solid.  The better the form the harder it gets!


I’ve been told our latest mix is fantastic love making music.  And just like powerlifting, its all about proper form, ladies and gentlemen!

Thanks so much for having me do this article about my working out. Both music and the gym are the biggest parts of my life so its been great to be able to share some of my life with you all. We have a bunch of new tunes coming out soon so make sure to stay tuned to our socials for updates on that. You can also follow me on instagram for more of an insight on my crazy life on Instagram

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