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Samsung's Galaxy S5 Puts Fitness First In Its List Of New Features

Samsung's Galaxy S5 Puts Fitness First In Its List Of New Features

Everyday, smartphones are becoming a our most important data centers.  They store our contacts, calendars, notes photos, music and so much more.  Now, Samsung and their new Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone model is emphasizing new features in both its hardware and software that are designed to make your life not only easier, but healthier as well.

We've yet to try out the S5, as the phone just went on sale this weekend.  But on paper, the features intrigue us. First is a fingerprint scanner that measures your heartbeat.  Second is a built in 'motion package' for software developers that allows the phone to tell the difference between an end user walking, running and even driving.   And last, Samsung has made their new phone water resistant for up to a half hour in one meter of water.

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The hardware features are essential to the new S Health app, which is included with the S5.  According Samsung's website "The enhanced S Health leads you through your fitness routines daily and consistently. Set your goals and achieve them with the help of Galaxy S5's pedometer and S Health’s constant tracking of your condition, walking distance, calories, speed, duration, and so on". 

James White, the head of Samsung Marketing UK said in a recent interview with the Guardian “People don’t want a load of complex features, they just features have an impact during everyday life, like a personal fitness tracker and a super fast camera, so we’ve made the new device based on those principles."

As soon as we can try out an new Galaxy S5 we will let you know what we think.  But if it can deliver what it promises - a smartphone that keeps you organized, connected, AND in shape - well to this we say "YES, PLEASE!".

Can't wait for our review? You can purchase the phone on Amazon here. It's available now with a contract for about $189 and without for $650.

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