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Louisahhh!!! Shares Five Of Her Favorite Workout Mixes

Louisahhh!!! Shares Five Of Her Favorite Workout Mixes

Lousiahhh!!! (real name Louisa Pillot) comes to us from Paris by way of New York and Los Angeles. She's an active electronic music DJ and producer for Brodinski's Bromance Records, as well as someone who's well versed in the world of health and fitness.She's an avid runner, spinning instructor, and has also been incorporating strength and resistance training into her program.

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A central part of Louisa's training (and life) has been music, and she was kind enough to sit down and share with us five of her favorite soundtracks that power her workouts.

The list incorporates harder edged techno and electro mixes for high intensity programs, as well as some house and italo mixes for less aggressive endurance routines.  She even matches them to mood and environment, always critical to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Here are Louisahhh!!!'s picks:

1. AND resident advisor podcast

New favorite- really tough electro and true techno from AnD. I've been listening to this while doing indoor cycling intervals of late, makes me feel really aggressive.

2. renaissance man resident advisor podcast

I once ran a mountainous 25k trail race where I just listened to this on repeat.   It was epic and beautiful and carried me up absurd,  ridiculous climbs.

3. derrick carter live at focus 2008

Plyometric day? Derrick Carter is perfect for any opportunity to jump around and do floor crossing/body weight exercises and really feel playful and spring-loaded while working out. His 'boompty' house and technical agility make it really fun to train to his mixes.

4. The Hacker Italo Mix for Overdrive Infinity

I listen to this in hotel rooms when there is no gym and I can have my laptop out (unfortunately it's only streaming video). It is so good - The Hacker, who is one of my favorite producers of all time, playing superb italo-electro. A great site for training in situations such as this is (if you don't mind jumping on hotel bed, getting sweaty or weirding out neighbors); this mix is a perfect soundtrack.

5. louisahhh summer tape

I trained to this endlessly because that's how I test everything I make.  I re-did this mix like 6 times to get it right. It's a real journey; I encourage you listen to it on misty dawn runs or when you want to feel powerful in solitude and longing. All of the words act as incantations or prayers, I tried to put some magic in it so the listener could draw some inner strength.

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