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IPS - A Heathly Snack Alternative Packed With Protein

So it’s 3 pm and you are still hungry. The company kitchen beckons you with its assortment of sugary crap, coffee and energy drinks… You want a bag of chips, not an apple or handful of nuts! You need a healthy snack alternative!

IPS - Our New Favorite Protein Packed Healthy Snack

Well we think we might have discovered the perfect solution for something somewhat healthy that will still satisfy that chip craving. They are called IPS (Intelligent Protein Snacks) or simply “Chips” with out the “Ch.” Get it… Ips. Ok, I’m not writing jokes here but you get the picture.

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Yes, these are actually chips made with egg white proteins and have 7 grams of protein per serving.We have tried the Sea Salt & Black Pepper as well as the Cinnamon Sugar flavors and both were delicious. The other two flavors being BBQ and of course Aged White Cheddar for that Cheetos type of fix.

So if you are looking for a snack solution that will fit with your healthy lifestyle IPS are a great alternative.

What Makes IPS A Healthy Snack Alternative?

Well, the IPS Website says:

Using our patent-pending Pressure-Puff process (we love saying that), we’ve created a chip that is so incredibly light, crispy, and delicious, you won’t believe you’re getting healthy egg white protein in every bite. In fact, each one ounce serving of ips contains seven grams of protein, the equivalent of two egg whites. How’s that for a satisfying snack?

And with half the fat of leading fried potato chips(1) and fewer carbs than leading baked potato chips(2), ips are the first chip that you don’t need to feel guilty about eating (see our Nutrition page for the details). All that and ips come in four delectable flavors that will leave you reaching for more!

Finally, there’s a chip that you can great about eating and sharing with those you love – an intelligent protein-powered snack for you and your family: ips, The Original Egg White Chips™

Check out the numbers-

(1) 50% less fat per 28g serving: Aged White Cheddar ips: 5g, Barbeque ips: 4g, Sea Salt & Black Pepper ips: 4g, Cinnamon Sugar ips: 4g, Leading fried potato chips: 10g

(2) Fewer carbohydrates per 28g serving: Aged White Cheddar ips: 14g, Barbeque ips: 15g, Sea Salt & Black Pepper ips: 15g, Cinnamon Sugar ips: 16g, Leading baked potato chips: 20 - 23g

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