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5 Dubstep Artists To Add To Your Intense Workout Soundtracks

As you may already know Dubstep is a great genre of music for your more intense and aggressive workouts. It’s wobbly baselines and sharp drops keep your mind off the pain and create a level of intensity like few other genres of EDM.

Five Dubstep Artists To Follow For Intense Workout Mixes

It all started around the early 00’s in the UK and was kind of a slowed down cousin of the Drum & Bass genre. Over the years the genre has mutated into several different styles from Chillstep to what many call BroStep which include artists like Datsik, Skrillex, Zed’s Dead, etc. The one thing you can always count on in electronic music, massive and rapid mutation.

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We’ve chosen a few acts for you to check out that are on the come up.  They will definitely get you fired up. We hope you dig them as much as we do. Here are 5 dubstep artists to follow for intense workout mixes:


Jai Wolf

Adventure Club


J. Sparrow

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