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5 EDM DJ Mixes To Soundtrack Your Running Environment & Intensity

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5 EDM DJ Mixes To Soundtrack Your Running Environment & Intensity

Having a solid selection of DJ mixes in your phone/music player can be the perfect inspiration to finish that workout, or maybe even tack on a few more minutes and really push yourself.

We’ve selected five of our favorites of mixes that our powering our workouts, matched to the environments we work out in. So whether you’re jogging on the beach or forging an urban trail, there is something here for you.

MK’s 2014 Essential Mix

MK’s 2014 Essential mix has been making major waves in the electronic music scene this year. Because of the inspirational peaks and zoning valleys, it’s a perfect mix for interval training. A must for fans of house music.

S-File’s Sweatlodge Mix

You only need one word to describe this mix – Intense. It averages around 130 BPM with pounding pass to make sure reach your cardio goals. This mix is great for max incline and/or high-speed treadmill workouts.

Magnetic’s Almost Miami Podcast

Chill, deep and techy, this mix is great for well paced, endurance training. Think running along the coast in South Beach at sunset.

DJ Pierre’s Disco Trax And Acid Snax Mix

This mix is perfect for brisk night runs in deep cityscapes. It’s a mix of classic acid and techno tracks with just enough harmonies to power you through the more difficult parts of the route. Download Here

Nina Kraviz Dance Mania Vinyl Mix

Kraviz was just selected as Beatport’s DJ of The Year, and this mix is a testament to why. It’s a ghetto tech journey that pairs well with urban endurance runs, as well as workouts of the gyms of any metropolis.

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